Organize & Solve Problems

We design and build wooden problem solving super-boxes! We celebrate the love of organized items by helping people stay focused and solve problems. Jokerbox products are 100% American made with top quality materials and precision milling. A clever, simple design that works is the hallmark of a Jokerbox product. 

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What is a Jokerbox?

A Jokerbox is a specially designed kit-box. Each combination of box, lid and tray has been carefully designed to solve problems and organize your things. A Jokerbox is the smartest way to carry and organize your kit.

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Multi-function Design

The Jokerbox has fifteen different features designed together to give you the organization, strength and solutions you need to thrive in a tough, problem solving world.

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Assembly Videos

Single Divider Assembly Video
Flex Interior Assembly Video

Our Promise

Jokerbox is an American company who refuses to put plastic junk in the world. The craftsmanship, precision, and high-quality materials that we put in our products will make the difference in the long run. Jokerboxes are meticulously designed, and precision milled to give you a wooden super-box that will still be by your side 20 years from now. That’s our goal, that's our promise.

Customer Reviews


"For any man who wants to impress his buddies, this is it."

Chad Alternative
Chad Crawford

Host and creator of How to Do Florida


"My Jokerbox is a fantastic solution that’s beautiful and tough as nails. I put mine in my will."

Chris Alternative
Christopher Russell

Field Sound Technician


"I can’t imagine going on a shoot without my Jokerbox, its the first piece of gear I load."

Michael Alternative
Michael Sims

Director of Photography