Jokerbox Combo
Jokerbox Combo
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JBX Combo
JBX Combo

JBX Combo #2

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Jokerbox Combo #2

The JBX Combo #2 is the ultimate set box. Designed for use on video, film or photography sets. This combo starts with a standard size Jokerbox with movable dividers that make the layout flexible. Three light-weight dividers are included. The full size lid has a metal, 3/8-inch threaded insert built right in and includes a baby pin. The medium tray is the star of this combo. With one movable long divider and two short dividers. The pen divider finishes off this combo with even more clever storage.

The Box

The Flex interior of the box in this Jokerbox combo gives you more control over how your items are laid out. Three, light weight, movable dividers slide into Versatex flex boards on both sides in nine positions. Some divider positions are designed to align with the side of a medium tray when inserted. This creates a storage area that is deep enough for tall aerosol cans. Made of quality, unfinished, maple and poplar plywood.

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The Tray

The legendary medium tray of this Jokerbox combo combines clever storage with portability right out of the box. One long side has a two position divider. One position for thin items like clip boards and clap slates. The other for thick binders and digital slates. Five flexible divider positions are built into the other side of the tray with two half high dividers included. The pen divider is perfect for sharpies, screw drivers or scissors. And in the center of the tray are a pair of rounded finger holes. Now you can bring your tools to where you’re working.

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The Lid

The topper on this Jokerbox combo is the full size, snap in, Big Pigeon Lid. This lid comes with a 3/8-inch threaded insert built in. Just thread the included baby pin into the lid to create a large pigeon plate. Perfect for getting a light low to the ground. Or invert the lid and secure the pin in a stand to make a platter. Perfect for a laptop, projector, or your talent’s script. And the finger holes are big enough for ratchet straps. Ideal for securing the load or attaching to a tree or pillar. Made from cabinet grade maple plywood and high grade aluminum.

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Easy to Assemble

See the Assembly Video Pigeon Lid Box Interior Why Wood Applebox Alternative

Why Wood?

Because it’s naturally beautiful. In a world full of plastic and carbon fiber, many people secretly long for the nostalgic, warm tones and romantic vibes found in wood. Call it a nod to simpler times when the possessions of our daily lives lasted long enough to take on character and memories.

JBX Combo #2

  • Standard Jokerbox with Flex Interior
    • 3 Flex Dividers
  • Medium Tray with Fixed Center Divider
    • 2 Half High Dividers
    • 1 Pen Divider
    • 1 Long Divider
  • Full Pigeon Lid with Threaded Insert
    • 1 Threaded Baby Pin
The Box
Model #: JBX-FLEX
Interior Fitting: Flex interior with 3 dividers
Materials: Birch Plywood, Poplite, Poplar
Maximum Weight Load: 225lbs (102.058kg)
Maximum Box Load: 50lbs (22.7kg)
Interior Dimensions: 16.25"L x 12.25"W x 9.5"H (41.275cm L x 31.115cm W x 24.13cm H)
Exterior Dimensions: 17.75"L x 13.25"W x 11.625"H (45.085cm L x 31.115cm W x 29.5275cm H)
The Tray
Model #: JB-TRAY-MD
Materials: Birch Plywood, Poplite, Poplar
Interior Dimensions: Long Divider Side:
11"L x 4.75"W x 4"H (27.9cm L x 12cm W x 10.16cm H)
Flex Side:
11"L x 4.8"W x 4"H (27.9cm L x 12.1cm W x 10.16cm H)
Exterior Dimensions: 12"L x 11.75"W x 4.25"H (30.48cm L x 29.845cm W x 10.795cm H)
The Lid
Materials: Birch Plywood, Aluminum
Dimensions: 16.188"L x 11.75"W x 0.5"H (41.118cm L x 29.845cm W x 1.27cm H)
Aluminum Insert: Threaded Aluminum Insert
Aluminum Pin: Threaded Aluminum Pinn