Jokerbox Combo
Jokerbox Combo
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JBX Combo
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JBX Combo #3

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Jokerbox Combo #3

Sometimes wide open storage and easy portability is all you need. The JBX Combo #3 has re-invented the basic box. With an included size snap in lid and a time tested, light weight design, this Jokerbox will be by your side for decades to come.

The Box

If you like wide open spaces, this is the Jokerbox for you. No divider to get in the way, just wide open storage. Made of special light weight poplar plywood combined with cabinet grade maple plywood. We’ve combined the materials strength and light weight qualities to give you a reliable, useful product.

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The Lid

This combo includes a full size basic lid that snaps in place. The lid can be opened from either side. Just pull the lid to one side and hinge it up to open.

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Easy to Assemble

See the Assembly Video Pigeon Lid Box Interior Why Wood Applebox Alternative

Why Wood?

Because it’s naturally beautiful. In a world full of plastic and carbon fiber, many people secretly long for the nostalgic, warm tones and romantic vibes found in wood. Call it a nod to simpler times when the possessions of our daily lives lasted long enough to take on character and memories.

JBX Combo #3

  • Basic Jokerbox
  • Basic Lid
The Box
Model #: JBX-BASIC
Interior Fitting: Basic - No Divider
Materials: Birch Plywood, Poplite, Poplar
Maximum Weight Load: 225lbs (102.058kg)
Maximum Box Load: 50lbs (22.7kg)
Interior Dimensions: 16.25"L x 12.25"W x 9.5"H (41.275cm L x 31.115cm W x 24.13cm H)
Exterior Dimensions: 17.75"L x 13.25"W x 11.625"H (45.085cm L x 31.115cm W x 29.5275cm H)
The Lid
Model #: JB-LID-FULL
Materials: Birch Plywood
Dimensions: 17.75"Lx11.75"Wx10.5"H (45.085Lx29.845Wx26.675H cm)