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Insert trays are all about keeping the items you use most close at hand while maximizing the space inside your Jokerbox. Are you carrying a lot of small items? Big items? A combination of both? Check out these design features and find your perfect tray.

Tray Options Small Tray Applebox Alternative

Small Tray with Divider

This small tray has a single, fixed divider that is offset to one end. This makes two compartments of different sizes. Plus the divider makes a good place to grab the tray when removing it from the box. When it’s stowed in the box, the lid seals off the top of the tray to keep items from shifting around in transport. Medium Tray Applebox Alternative

Medium Tray

The legendary medium tray is all about multi-use and organization. Designed so the whole tray can be brought to where you’re working. It has two main compartments divided by a central divider with rounded finger holes. One long side of the tray has a two position divider. One position for thin items like clip boards and clap slates. The other position is for thick binders and digital slates. The main compartment on the other side has five flexible divider positions. With two half high dividers and a solid wood pen divider included. Small Basic Tray Applebox Alternative

Small Tray - No Divider

The small tray without a divider creates a storage area with a long open shape. This light weight portable tray is perfect for hand tools or longer items. Once stowed in the box the lid seals off the top of the tray to keep items from shifting around in transport. Small Tray with Grip Gear Demo Applebox Alternative Small Basic Tray Chuck Box Demo Applebox Alternative Medium Tray with AC Gear Demo Applebox Alternative


Small Trays

Small Tray Basic Tray by Applebox Alternative
2 Small Trays in 1 Jokerbox by Applebox Alternative

Storage x 2

Two Small Trays in One Box


Medium Tray Dividers

Medium Tray Jokerbox Applebox Alternative Digital Slate Medium Tray Demo Applebox Alternative


Medium Tray - Slate Holder


Medium Tray - Pen Divider Medium Tray Applebox Alternative Pen Divider Demo